Five Stand

Sporting Clays has been called “golf with shotguns” due to the fact you walk from station to station and “play” a round at each station, shooting clay targets that are different from station to station – much like moving from hole to hole during an 18-hole round on our White or Red golf courses.

Five-Stand Sporting Clays is more like playing a shorter round of golf – rather than moving from station to station and covering a great distance, you simply move from station to station within our comfortable pavilion, and target presentation changes with each move you make in the pavilion. Fun and highly challenging for skilled and beginner shooters alike, Five-Stand is addictive and a great activity for groups and families as well as individual shooters.

For a warm up before your -Stand round you can even shoot our wobble trap which is set up at the pavilion as well.

Shotguns, targets, ammunition and safety gear included in price. Shooters allowed to bring their own shotguns and ammunition if preferred.