Careers at Dismal River Club

Careers at Dismal River Club

At Dismal River Club our team is a dedicated team of hospitality professionals focused on providing a bucket list experience for our guests on a daily basis. We work hard and play hard as one team to make Dismal River Club the best golf destination in the Midwest. Our passion for providing this incredible experience comes from KemperSports’ core values of TrueService, taught to each staffer when they join our team and ingrained in our culture in every area of the resort. At Dismal River, not only do you go to work every day at one of the finest golf resort destinations in the world, but you are also one of thousands of KemperSports employees nationwide representing the top destination properties, private clubs and daily fee facilities in the country. This incredible network of properties makes for great benefits and great perks when you travel throughout the country.

Dismal River Club offers an on-site and newly remodeled 10-station sporting clay challenge course set amid the Dismal River. Everything is provided for this exhilarating outdoor challenge including transportation, a shotgun, ammunition, all required safety gear and, of course, Dismal River Club’s certified instructors to guide you.  

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