Long Range

Long-range shooting is one of the fastest growing shooting sports around. It tests your patience as well as your body and breathing control. At Dismal River Club, you can experience long-range shooting even if you’ve never tried it! Our range is set up with targets starting at 100 yards and going out to one mile. And we have precision rifles that are built for long-range accuracy. Of course, if you are already a precision shooter, you are welcome to bring your own rifles and ammunition.

And every shooter will want to attempt the Tatanka Challenge! One mile. 1,760 yards. Our buffalo silhouette target sits a mile away, awaiting all challengers. Hit the target and you walk away with a commemorative coin to celebrate your accomplishment.

Pricing for long-range shooting vary based on rifles, calibers and ammunition use.

For more information and to book your experience contact DRC Outdoors at 308-546-2900 or  [email protected].

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