Established in 2006, Dismal River Club has attracted fervent golfers from across the country and around the globe to the hills of Western Nebraska. In 2016, Joel Jacobs, a native of Mullen, Neb., took the helm, expanding our offerings to include hunting, fishing and an array of outdoor excursions; lavish lodging amenities; and five-star dining. In addition to world-class golf.

We are a private club with members hailing from North America and Europe. Contact us today to learn how you can become a member. Limited memberships available.
Dismal River offers:
If the key to great golf is no distractions, then you’re in for the time of your life. Located in the sandhills of north-central Nebraska, Dismal River is 382 miles from Omaha, 366 from Denver, 326 from Lincoln, 86 from North Platte and 20 miles from Mullen. (Please keep in mind that we are in the Mountain Time Zone.)

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